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London wedding videographer






so you are looking for a wedding videographer, right? . Here I am. My name is Pol and I´m a wedding videographer for almost 10 years. I can proudly say I´m internationally acclaimed because my work (awards, conferences, weddings). Let me explain you a little bit more.

I guess you are already engaged and trying to organize your wedding. It´s the time to look for somebody who creates the memories and basically tell the story. I can do this, I already know how to do it. You need somebody who understand the meaning of every situation, who understand your family dynamics, who is aware about every meaningful movement.

But stop words. I rather show you some of my work. I normally do more non very classic weddings, I prefer this since I connect better with people a little bit like me. Yes, it´s important to have connection with the couple in order to get better work. I try to create tailor-made videos for each couple.


No problem, I will show you some videos. I have more experimental stuff and also more classical narrative, it depends on every couple. I love to experiment and you guys give me freedom to create something beautiful. Now I show you one video I´ve made in NYC:

I like to play with the city or place textures and feelings. I think its important to build up a better story. The next video it was a bit more hippy boho style. It was shooted in the surroundings of Barcelona in an old factory and the guests turned into burning man style at midnight.

The last one is a more classic one. Also shooted near to Barcelona in a countryside house (called masia). Again, I like to get the wedding mood into the way of filming and editing. The plan is always to be honest to the energy of the day and also to the couple personality.

So if you want to have a look in more detail to my work link HERE and if you want to try a more alternative wedding photography and video go HERE .

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