wedding in spain

wedding in spain

Hey, so seems like you want to get married in Spain and you are looking for info. Well, here you can find info about the ones who will tell your story, but also we can recommend you some vendors in the country. My name is Pol and I can do your wedding video in Spain but the good thing is we can also be your wedding photographer.

So first of all, you can check our new project HERE , we do the whole storytelling of your wedding in a honest and more passionated way. We do believe in your energy and the fact you want a non so traditional wedding.  WHY US? Easy, we are good enough and with a big experience, so we don´t need to stage situations in order to get cool stuff. Also because we are real wild people looking for fun and if you have the same vibes this only can work properly.

We recommend you Bodas de cuento ,  Miss Little Things  or  La puta suegra  as a  wedding planners teams, they really do cool and alternative stuff ande definitely they can recommend you catering services and some of the best venues like: Can Ribas , L´avellanaCasa del mar , Mas silenci , La garriga or La vinyassa . All of them in Catalunya, one of the most desired areas to enjoy Spanish life.

So don´t hesitate to ask for more info. Enjoy this video


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